Access Control System

Comp Solution hekps with the best unique and smart access control technologies to from world-leading manufacturers. We provide access control products capable of providing efficient entry management at your office,warehouse and other business premises

Access Control System Solution

Our range of access control solutions includes complex web and IP based readers and controllers for large facilities and simple stand-alone access control readers for a single door. The solutions are ideal for both small offices and multisite business facilities and support reading of traditional card/fob & readers to cloud-based mobile and biometric authentication.

Comp Solution is the solution provider for access control systems in Dubai, with team of experience professionals in the installation and Support of Access control systems in UAE. We supply and Installs Door access control, Biometric Fingerprint, biometric fingerprint solutions, ID card access control systems, Iris Scanning, Face detection Access Control Systems and Punching Systems across UAE. 

Access Control Brands We deal in

Why Comp Solution ?

For Access Control System

We have designed, deployed and configured multiple Security solutions and Time & Attendance and Access Control Systems across UAE for our various clients from different domains like Retail stores, Warehouse, Offices, Financial institutions, Industries , Healthcare, etc.

Access Control Readers

We offer an extensive selection of access control and identity authentication readers that is ideal for today’s digitally powered offices in Dubai

Access Cards and Tokens

Access cards comes in various forms be it prox cards, swipe cards, and fobs or Bluetooth credential with technologies like magnetic strip, RFID, and NFC etc.

Access Control Softwares

End-to-end access control solutions comes with management software 

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