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As a Polycom Partner in UAE

We are proud to offer cutting-edge communication and collaboration solutions to enhance your business productivity and efficiency. Polycom is a global leader in audio and video conferencing, unified communications, and collaboration technologies. With our expertise and partnership with Polycom, we can help you transform the way your organization communicates and collaborates, enabling seamless connectivity and fostering collaboration across teams, departments, and locations.

  • Video Conferencing Solutions: Polycom’s video conferencing solutions empower organizations to connect and collaborate face-to-face, regardless of geographical barriers. With high-definition video and crystal-clear audio, you can conduct virtual meetings, presentations, and training sessions with ease. As your Polycom partner, we can help you design and deploy video conferencing solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s a small huddle room, a large conference room, or a multi-site setup. By leveraging Polycom’s advanced technology, you can enhance communication, improve decision-making, and reduce travel costs.
  • Audio Conferencing Solutions: Polycom offers a wide range of audio conferencing solutions that deliver exceptional audio quality and clarity. Whether it’s a conference phone for small team meetings or a scalable audio conferencing platform for large conferences, we can provide you with the right Polycom solution to ensure seamless and productive communication. With features like noise reduction, echo cancellation, and expansive microphone pickup, you can have effective and productive audio conferences with participants from anywhere in the world.
  • Unified Communications: Polycom’s unified communications solutions integrate voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into a single platform, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across various devices and channels. As your Polycom partner, we can help you implement unified communications solutions that streamline communication workflows, improve responsiveness, and enhance team collaboration. With features like presence status, instant messaging, and desktop sharing, your teams can work together more efficiently and make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Collaboration Solutions: Polycom’s collaboration solutions go beyond audio and video conferencing to include content sharing, interactive whiteboarding, and document collaboration. These tools empower teams to collaborate in real time, share ideas, and work on projects together, regardless of their physical locations. With our expertise as a Polycom partner, we can help you leverage these collaboration solutions to foster creativity, improve teamwork, and drive innovation within your organization.
  • Integration and Support: As your Polycom partner, we offer end-to-end support, from solution design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and technical support. Our team of experts is well-versed in Polycom’s technology and can ensure seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. We provide comprehensive training and guidance to help your teams leverage the full capabilities of Polycom’s solutions and maximize the return on your investment.

By partnering with us as your trusted Polycom partner in Dubai, you gain access to industry-leading communication and collaboration solutions that can revolutionize the way your organization operates. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, customized solutions, and continuous support to help you achieve your communication and collaboration goals.

Your Trusted Polycom Partner

At Comp Solution, we are proud to be an authorized partner of Polycom, a global leader in communication solutions.

With Polycom’s innovative technology and our expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of communication solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Polycom Solutions for Your Business

As an authorized partner of Polycom, Comp Solution offers a wide range of communication solutions designed to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and drive business success.

Our solutions include:

  • Video Conferencing Solutions: Experience high-quality video meetings and virtual collaboration with Polycom’s advanced video conferencing systems.Polycom’s video conferencing system provides companies of all sizes with flexible deployments for mobile devices, desktop computers, and meeting rooms. Some of the models and their features include:
    • Polycom RealPresence Mobile: Designed for customers that want to enable video conferencing for iOS and Android devices.
    • Polycom RealPresence Web Suite: Designed for customers that want to enable video conferencing for Windows and Mac desktop computers.
    • Polycom RealPresence Desktop: Designed for customers that want to enable video conferencing for Windows and Mac desktop computers.
    • Poly G7500: Modular video conferencing system that seamlessly connects to cameras, microphones, and other 3rd party components. Built-in video apps for native full-featured experiences. Includes Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies.
  • Audio Conferencing Solutions: Simplify your audio conferences and ensure crystal-clear sound quality with Polycom’s audio conferencing solutions. Polycom offers a range of audio conferencing solutions including conference phones and speakerphones. Some of the models and their features include:
    • Polycom SoundStructure C-Series: Provides high-definition clarity to voice and video conferences for improved productivity and faster decision-making. Advanced design and custom configuration capabilities allow you to quickly and efficiently deliver world-class audio quality to a variety of room environments.
    • Polycom Trio: A conference phone that offers HD voice, patented NoiseBlock technology, and a modern interface for an unparalleled audio experience.
    • Polycom SoundStation: A conference phone that delivers exceptional performance and voice quality for small to midsize conference rooms.
    • Polycom VoiceStation: A small conference phone designed for desktops, offices, and other small rooms.
  • Collaboration Platforms: Enable seamless collaboration and communication across teams with Polycom’s collaboration platforms. Polycom offers a range of collaboration platforms that allow people in multiple locations to simultaneously see each other and share ideas visually. Some of the models and their features include:
    • RealPresence Collaboration Server: Connects people in multiple locations allowing them to simultaneously see each other and share ideas visually. The multiparty calling capability connects conferencing devices and software apps running on different protocols to ensure interoperability.
    • RealPresence Medialign: An easy-to-deploy, all-in-one video collaboration solution that features a modern, innovative design with a high-quality user experience.
    • Polycom Media Centers: Packaged, turnkey solutions with HD displays, smart cable management, and surround-sound audio
  • Unified Communications: Streamline your communication channels and enhance productivity with Polycom’s unified communications solutions. Polycom offers a range of unified communications solutions that integrate seamlessly with the platform and services of your choice. Some of the models and their features include:
  • Telepresence Solutions: Achieve lifelike communication experiences with Polycom’s telepresence solutions that deliver immersive video and audio. Polycom offers a range of telepresence solutions that allow people in multiple locations to simultaneously see each other and share ideas visually. Some of the models and their features include:
    • RealPresence Group Series: A range of video conferencing solutions that bring meetings to life and allow for better collaboration. Advanced video features to keep everyone in frame and in focus, while Poly signature audio ensures clear communication.
    • RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex: An immersive telepresence solution that offers a true-to-life collaboration experience. In order to conduct multipoint calls, you will need a multipoint server, such as Polycom RealPresence Clariti™ or RealPresence® Collaboration Server (RMX®) with the telepresence option enabled and applicable licensing as well as Polycom’s Multipoint Layout Application (MLA).
    • Telepresence m100: A software-based video client that allows mobile and desktop users to experience HD-quality visual communications from anywhere. The software utilizes industry standard protocols, allowing seamless connection to the millions of room and immersive telepresence systems in use today worldwide

Polycom Models

Explore a wide range of Polycom models that deliver exceptional audio and video quality, ensuring seamless communication across your organization.

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