WEBEX BY CISCO Partner in Dubai

Webex by Cisco Partner in Dubai

We are dedicated to empowering businesses with advanced collaboration and communication solutions. Webex is a leading platform that enables seamless virtual meetings, video conferencing, team messaging, and file sharing, transforming the way teams connect and collaborate.

By partnering with us, you can leverage the following key benefits of Webex solutions:

  • Virtual Meetings and Video Conferencing: Webex provides a robust virtual meeting and video conferencing platform that allows teams to connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. With features such as high-definition video, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboarding, Webex enables productive and engaging virtual meetings, ensuring effective communication among team members, clients, and partners.
  • Team Messaging and File Sharing: Webex offers a comprehensive team messaging solution that enables real-time communication and seamless collaboration. With secure messaging channels, file sharing capabilities, and integration with other productivity tools, teams can easily share ideas, exchange files, and collaborate on projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Webinars and Events: Webex provides a powerful platform for hosting webinars, virtual events, and online training sessions. Whether you need to deliver a company-wide presentation, conduct training sessions, or host large-scale virtual events, Webex offers robust features such as registration management, interactive Q&A sessions, and analytics to ensure successful and engaging online experiences.
  • Security and Privacy: Cisco, the parent company of Webex, is known for its commitment to security and privacy. Webex incorporates advanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention, to protect your sensitive information and ensure secure communication and collaboration.
  • Integration with Productivity Tools: Webex seamlessly integrates with popular productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, allowing teams to work within their preferred environments. Integration with these tools enables efficient collaboration, document sharing, and task management, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.
  • Mobile and Remote Work Support: In today’s flexible work environment, Webex caters to the needs of mobile and remote workers. With mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, teams can stay connected and collaborate on the go, ensuring seamless communication and productivity even when working remotely.
  • Analytics and Insights: Webex provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities to help you gain valuable insights into your collaboration activities. You can track meeting attendance, participant engagement, and usage patterns, allowing you to optimize your collaboration strategies and make data-driven decisions.

By partnering with us as your Webex by Cisco partner in Dubai, you can leverage the power of advanced collaboration and communication tools to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and foster effective teamwork. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements, design customized solutions, and provide ongoing support to ensure a seamless collaboration experience for your organization.”

Trusted Webex by Cisco Partner in UAE

Comp Solution is an authorized partner of Webex by Cisco in the UAE. We provide a comprehensive range of Webex products and solutions to meet your collaboration needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and extensive knowledge of Webex products, we deliver top-quality solutions and exceptional support.

Comprehensive Webex Solutions

At Comp Solution, we offer a wide range of Webex products and solutions:

Webex Meetings

Experience seamless online meetings with Webex Meetings. Host or join meetings from anywhere using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Collaborate in real-time with high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, and interactive features. Webex Meetings ensures productive and engaging virtual meetings. Webex Meetings is a video conferencing solution offered by Cisco. It provides a feature-rich collaboration experience for virtual meetings and collaboration. Some of the features and solutions offered by Webex Meetings include:

Solution Description
Webex App One app for every type of collaboration
Real-time translation Translation of spoken language into different languages in real-time
Closed captions Transcription of spoken words into text on the screen
Noise removal Removal of background noise for clearer audio
Voice optimization Optimization of voice audio for better clarity
People-focused views Views that focus on the people in the meeting rather than the background
Custom stage views Customizable views of the meeting stage
Immersive share Immersive sharing of presentations and other content
Interactive polling and Q&A Interactive polling and Q&A features for engaging meetings
Webex Assistant AI-powered assistant for taking notes, managing action items, and more

Webex Teams

Streamline communication and collaboration with Webex Teams. Connect with your team through secure messaging, file sharing, and virtual meeting spaces. Collaborate on projects, share documents, and stay organized with Webex Teams. Enhance productivity and foster teamwork with this powerful collaboration tool. Webex Teams is a team collaboration solution offered by Cisco. It provides a range of tools and features to keep people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere. Some of the features and solutions offered by Webex Teams include:

Solution Description
Messaging Secure messaging for team communication
File sharing Sharing of files and documents within the team
Video meetings High-quality video meetings with screen-sharing
Whiteboarding Digital whiteboarding for visual collaboration
Calling Voice calling within the team
Third-party app integrations Integration with popular third-party business apps

Webex Calling

Empower your business with Webex Calling. Make and receive calls over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional phone systems. Enjoy advanced calling features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling, with Webex Calling. Experience reliable and cost-effective communication for your organization. Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system offered by Cisco. It provides enterprise-grade calling and team collaboration solutions through a flexible subscription model. Some of the features and solutions offered by Webex Calling include:

Solution Description
Virtual receptionist Automated greeting and call routing for incoming calls
Personalized voice mailboxes Customizable voice mailboxes for individual users
Extension numbers Internal extension numbers for calling within the organization
Direct inward dialing (DID) numbers Direct phone numbers for calling individual users from outside the organization
Directory URIs Email-style addresses for calling individual users
Directory-based dialing Dialing based on a directory of users
Centralized administration Centralized management of the phone system through the Webex Control Hub
Flexible calling-plan options Choice of calling plans from Cisco or partner carriers

Webex Devices

Equip your meeting spaces with Webex Devices for enhanced collaboration. Choose from a range of devices, including video conferencing systems, webcams, and audio solutions. Experience crystal-clear audio and high-definition video for immersive meetings. Webex Devices deliver a seamless meeting experience. Webex Devices is a range of video conferencing and collaboration devices offered by Cisco. These devices are designed to work seamlessly with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams to provide an effortless and engaging collaboration experience. Some of the popular series of Webex Devices include:

Series Description
Desk Series High-quality video collaboration devices for remote work
Cameras A range of cameras for optimized video experience
Headsets Headsets for clear audio and voice communication
Room Series and Kits Integrated video conferencing systems for meeting rooms
Board Series All-in-one devices for wireless presentations and whiteboarding
IP Phones Desk phones with advanced features and security

Webex Room Series

Elevate your meeting rooms with Webex Room Series. Transform your huddle spaces, boardrooms, and conference rooms into smart collaboration spaces. With intelligent features like automatic framing, noise suppression, and one-touch meeting initiation, Webex Room Series enhances collaboration and productivity.

Here are the models and solutions from the Webex Room Series:

  1. Room Kit EQ: For large rooms, training spaces and auditoriums. UHD video collaboration with triple-screen support. Includes the new, AI-powered Codec EQ, speakers, microphones and a multi-lens camera system.
  2. Room Kit Pro: For very large spaces and specialist AV integration scenarios. UHD video collaboration with triple-screen support. Includes powerful Codec Pro, speakers, microphones and a multi-lens camera system
  3. Room Bar Pro: For medium meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. UHD video collaboration with triple-screen support. Includes an AI-powered codec, speakers, microphones and a dual-lens camera system.
  4. Room Bar: For huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. Integrated video bar featuring a built-in codec, a wide-angle lens camera, speakers and microphones.
  5. Room Kit Plus: For large workspaces, training rooms and auditoriums. UHD video collaboration with dual-screen support. Includes the Codec Plus, speakers, microphones and a multi-lens camera system.

All of these models run on RoomOS which is optimized for a native Webex experience while supporting seamless join to third-party meeting solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet

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