Comp Solution combine years of creativity and design experience with the latest creative software and technologies to create something that is uniquely you. Our digital marketing experience means that your final design will not only look great but will be backed by behavioural and commercial insights.

Creating Your Business Logo

Your logo is often the first contact that someone has with your business, so it is important to get it right. In recent years there has been a trend towards designs that work well across a variety of media. A modern logo needs to work on your website, social media, business cards, letterheads and printed materials. If you are advertising it should be scalable from a website banner advert to a billboard and it should work in colour and black and white.

Comp Solution will create a versatile logo that accurately reflects your brand’s personality and is usable across a wide variety of mediums. You will receive a full logo suite that includes vectors, high-quality bitmaps and monochrome variations so you will have a version for every eventuality.

Creating Your Brand Identity

Some businesses are looking for a more comprehensive branding refresh that extends beyond a logo redesign. Branding guidelines are an effective way to communicate to your staff and creative partners exactly how to represent your business. Using a brand kit ensures that your customers get a consistent experience wherever they encounter you.

Our branding guidelines will include advice on the correct use of your logo, brand colours and approved fonts. The premium brand kit also includes approved image styles and their proper use and the tone of voice that best reflects your brand’s personality.

With the Comp Solution brand kit, you can be assured that anyone representing your brand has a coherent set of guidelines, that help you to communicate a consistent personality and build trust.

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